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I love nothing more than telling a great love story - and what better love stories are there than weddings (that's why we changed our named from NightOwls Media to For Love Films)? Traditional church weddings, nerdy weddings, backyard weddings, same-sex weddings, elopements, adventurous weddings, in the city or in the sticks … I love them all! Combined with the passion and heart I pour into my work, the films I create are a timeless connection to your wedding day and the beginning of your love story.

But most of all? I love to get to know our couples and tell their amazing stories. It's the biggest compliment to me when a couple considers us a part of the family by the end of the night! And as soon as the dance music kicks in, I am known to get a little funky on the dance floor and even help bring others out to have a good time. It's my ultimate goal to help you enjoy your amazing wedding day and take away any stress. 

When I'm not filming, I can often be found editing videos with my cats in my lap or teaching film production at DePaul University.  I am also the very proud recipient of the 2020 Equally Wed Best Videography in America award!

jaysin osterkamp

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I’m passionate about photography and capturing the real you. My goal is to draw out and nurture your true personality, and document those magical moments full of love, emotion, and excitement! I know how to handle your overbearing Aunt Gladys and your drunk Uncle Bob. I can even handle the frat boy groomsmen your fiancé just can’t quit. I’m firm and can take charge when needed, but I with a smile and sometimes a smirk. I know when to let the moments unfold naturally...and to capture them. 

I get your most camera-shy bridesmaid to cut loose. I make the most reserved couples feel comfortable and maybe even a tiny bit adventurous. This may be because I know what it’s like to be uncomfortable when people are looking at you. Or…it could also be that my tendency towards colorful language sometimes sneaks out when you least expect it. At the very least, I’ll make you laugh!

hilda burke


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Amy + Steve

"When we started out this whole wedding production, I was more than willing to skimp on a videographer to save the money. Now that we’ve worked with For Love Films we’re like, what else can we have filmed?!"


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