your love story, cinematically told through expertly crafted films and photography.

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for love, because your love is remarkable

Our couples are more than just clients - they become cherished friends.

Working closely with couples, we develop strong connections. And that’s what making films is all about - connection.

To create your film, we start by getting to know you - your interests, your passions, your likes and dislikes. We take the time to learn about what makes you... YOU. This enables us to tell your story, with care and authenticity.
For Love Films was born from a passion for the art of filmmaking, combined with a desire to create connection through storytelling.

We tell YOUR story. Your way. FOR LOVE.

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We go into each wedding like they’re a full feature film. I like to plan out all the details ahead of time, help with the scheduling and planning at an early stage. Each wedding is completely different just like how each couple is completely different. I don’t believe in a cookie-cutter filmmaking mentality. I like to craft each film for the couple specifically to tell their story, which is unlike anyone else’s film, while making you look damn good!

We also offer photography! Working alongside our photography team we not only work seamlessly and more efficiently, but we bring a whole new experience and height of excellence to your day that will make you smile along with us. We work amazing together - and so much fun for you.

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Team mentality - Each wedding we strive to do bigger and better than the last. We want to not only do an amazing job on your film for you but we want you to feel at ease and stress free. We go out of our way to make your day run that much smoother.

Mission statement - We want you to be happy and crying tears of love and joy with your film the first time you see it, the 10th time you see it, and even the 100th time when you show your kids. We aim to make something that will stand the test of time and something specific for YOU. We don’t go along with the trends just to make something flashy, we want you to be happy with your film for your entire life. The biggest day of your life, captured in the best way and crafted just for you.

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Justine + Cameron

"Is obsessed too strong of a word to use to describe your videographer?? Jaysin is hands down,! He doesn’t just love weddings, he loves YOUR wedding...."


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During the ceremony and the reception, we love to be a fly on the wall while you enjoy your time with your family and your new married life partner. During the creative session is when we get most excited and will direct you to look your best and have some fun on top of it all.

We approach a wedding film as if we were making something for myself and my own family. Detailed, dedicated, with love and respect, thinking about your film from every angle and prepared for every situation that might happen.  

Booking Photo & Film – Our team of film makers and photographers work seamlessly to craft the perfect story told both in photos and film. Plus, we’re hilarious and like to dance! 

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