July 1, 2021

We are happy to showcase today an amazing cutting edge way to watch and share your films – either at home, on the go or with friends and family.  You’ve heard of photo books, now you can have your very own VideoBook! A fully customized wedding book showcasing your film and your wedding day / boudoir / family event videos!

I surprised my wife this year on our anniversary with one of these. I had our wedding day preloaded on it so when she opened it, there was our wedding playing in her hands! She thought it was so cool that we should offer this to our couples as well.

Perfect for a coffee table, book shelf, or as my wife likes – right next to her side of the bed so she can watch our wedding day whenever she’d like.  Here’s a certain fun moment from our wedding day where my super loving wife shot me with a glitter cannon.

These awesome VideoBooks can be added to any package at any time.  We do offer discounts if they are ordered in multiples. Our couples love giving these to parents and grand parents!



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